Mie's Winter

Tuesday, February 13 | 0 comments

So uh. I have been away for like... 3 years? Give or take? Many things happened since then and I am no way the same person as I was back then. I also not sure if people use blog anymore. Well, as other social medias (etc. Instagram, Twitter...) began to rise for sure others will be slowed. I am sorry if people did actively use blog even now. You have my support.

Last post, it was 3 days before I took my SPM exam if I am not mistaken. and now, I got my SPM result, and currently I am on semester break after my third semester? Time sure flies fast huh. I thought I would be 17 years old forever. but now urgh 3 years have past. I am a granny now.

ok this is sneak peek of my campus

Really, although I think time flies fast, but many, too many things have happened. In that 3 years of time, I did open this blog dashboard but I just could not whip a post ya know? It was a very long writers' block. I would love to update my current beings and how excited I am when I got the uni offer, and how the preparation going, where I am now... but I just couldn't.

my campus smol lake

The purpose of this blog to me was a place where I can rants about my interests and such... but now that I have twitter (lol) its just easier there. I missed writing lengthy posts but often than not I did not have that much time to invest to write such posts. When the new semester started again, for sure this blog will abandoned for 5-6 months haha.

that one trip to KL lol

so uh, see ya when I feel like posting again. I miss this blog for sure. I miss ranting about my Torao and all. Twitter doesn't feel the same. I leave my IG link at the sidebar. Hit me up whenever bruh