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Tuesday, December 9 | 1 comments

Just going to share a song here... I really love this song, I heard this almost everyday with my sister :D Well this song is on Project Diva 2.

Song by: Miku Hatsune
Music/Lyrics: DECO*27

English Translation: 

You always took care
of my childish side
For listening to me I’ll always be
grateful to you, grateful to you.

Let’s not forget about those favors
With this hidden thought of mine
I made a song about them.
The Love Words are “Love is 10 = Thank you”

It’s about me, it’s about you
It’s about love, It’s about love
It’s about like, It’s about hate
That I’ll sing again.

By now I love you
I deeply love you
I rather love you
And because you love this stupid me
I’ll love you too
If you cry hearing this song
Thank you.

One day, that childish side of me will be 100.000 years old
Then I’ll meet you, and we’ll celebrate it 39 times.

In the time we’ve been given
I’ll put these favors in song and verses
And send them to you
From now on, I’ll keep on thanking you

It’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about love, it’s about affection
It’s about Like, It’s about hate…
Still not enough?

Well then!

What did you eat yesterday?
What did you do?
How much did you think about me?
Let’s talk about things like this?

‘I ate you’ …stupid.
‘I did what.’ …stupid.
‘I forgot about you’ …stupid.

I love you
But that’s not true
The truth is that I really love you.
I won’t ever hurt you.
I love you
I’ll love you with everything I have
Saying ‘Ah, there was also a song like that.’
I want to laugh with you

The me that is like you
The you that is like me
We are similar yet different
But since we’re different, we’re similar

Everytime I say ‘I love you’
My affection grows

I’ll send it all to you as lots of

Love words

Sorry for not posting much, I got caught up on re:watching One Piece. and there goes my time on internet... But hey, at least its good??


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December 10, 2014 at 10:53 AM
Blogger Misaki PureBlood said...

oh my!!

I love Miku's hair and cloth and this song was so good.. :D

Thanks share ^__^ hehe

it have good meaning :D whehehe..

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