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Wednesday, November 26 | 2 comments

Two days ago, I bought Minecraft PC game along with other two game. Because it is like for the first time I tried PC game honestly, I didn't feel excited as much when I bought games for my PS2. Turned out there are minor problems with other two disc so that just left out Minecraft.

When it is really popular that one time ago, I didn't get a chance to try it out because you need to pay if you want to play on the phone and I also didn't have laptop at that time, so I just watched my cousins play it on the tab. Sad life of Mie, I just like played it 5 seconds and other cousins swarmed me and began to argue "Hey, after her it's my turn!"

So, I tried it yesterday and DUMM DUM DUM

Mie's adventure on Minecraft begins!

So to start, I need to name my world, so I put 'The New World' because yeah, I put that because One Piece, the later half of the Grand Line, remember? and I also want to build a ship, that's why I called him that. Kind of give me a motivation or something. 

First day, I began to clear the woods and trees, saying hi to all the sheep that I encountered and before I know it, the sun began to fall and soon it is dark as night lol It is night. The woods are scary totally. and because I am so determined to clear that area, I kept working until I heard a sound coming from my behind.

and it is a zombie! Well I choose creative mode so all the zombies are natural and didn't attack you. Pheww

A zombie that stuck on a hole that I made (I don't know how to control properly at that time Ha Ha) well, I wished you good luck, zombie.

My sister asked me to fly around, so I done that but I lost. I don't know which way the woods are, everything look the same. TAT

Arc 1
First building that I built is a lighthouse! and again, it is inspired my One Piece, because I am currently re:watching that anime right now and after they entered the Reverse Mountain there's a lighthouse there, right? and Crocus and Laboon? Yep.

and it is dusk again before I knew it.

A different zombie that happily took a bath at night when I am so tired building up the lighthouse. Have some respect dude!

and it is finished! For a final touch, I put a daisy in a flower pot on top of the lighthouse for a symbol or something heheh. Sunrise is beautiful!

Arc 2

I started to built a house with top floor! (called double-storey, eh?) Well, I thought, house is kind of essential for human being and my sister also have started to built a house so that's why I decided to built house too. and thus my next construction begins~

Started raining when I am so confused how to start building it but I deal with it B)

Designing the ground floor structure. Turned out pretty well! and there's a cow that messing up when I am so busy with the construction. It walked around the house and gone to the woods beside the house. Well, I hope you are having a good time, sir.

Building the dining table with a pretty sky view.

Building the staircase at night time with stars at the sky!

The house area is pretty unique, the volcano mountain is pretty near and you can see the lava. When night time, the surrounding is pretty dark but the lava are shining~ Just across the house there's a snow area and when it is raining in here, it is snowing at there. Tee hee~

Putting up the windows so the house get enough natural light.

The first floor on the making! This is before I built up the roof. Pretty neat, eh? and I added the balcony because my sister suggested it to me.

Adding up the roof with sunset.

Another zombie that playing in the water while I stressed out with the doors. Dang man, dang! Why you no invite me!

A skeleton that lurking around outside the house. I have no idea why is he doing there. We have a 3 seconds staring contest before he headed someone else. I think I have clear up the wrong area because there are so much spiders and zombies at here! Not to mention a deep valley beside it--

A view outside from one of the windows.

Main bedroom. It is quite dark because it is night time and I didn't added the sea lantern yet. I haven't finish putting the things like bed yet so it looks so empty. Well I can always finish them up later.

Okay! That's a little peek what have I done on Minecraft and because I am so excited about it, I might posting up my adventures in here. Because I am so excited about it!!Heheh

After this I might constructing a ship, yeah Bon Voyage! and for that I will search for an area with a sea. and I hope it work out well.

Until then, 


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November 26, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Blogger Junkyo Hikari said...

Cool, I wanna play game :'(

Its been 3-4 month didn't play game :'(

my bro had PS2, but I don't like it compared to PC game ahahaha XD

mungkin sebab still eragak-agak function button game :3 last game PS2 yg main amende tah ahahaha..

btw Mie, make a video game :D I love to watch gamerz play game.. ahahaha...

December 20, 2014 at 1:37 AM
Blogger Wan Nabihah said...

Mie main jugak eh Minecraft ni ?
hehehe, btw my big brother yg dah kahwin pun still main game ni dgn adik bongsu Nabihah.. haha, ^_^

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