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Saturday, June 21 | 0 comments
It appear that I am so much busier in school holidays and now that school have started, updating a post is nearly impossible. (ha ha lame excuse)

This post is suppose to be done as soon I get this laptop, but somehow I keep delaying it and now this laptop is not new anymore, it nearly two months with me. But still new, eh? Now take this pictures that have been slacking off in my laptop for weeks. *shove*

That's my lappy~ I called him senpai, but I still doesn't give him a proper name yet because giving names on your things is too mainstream orz but sooner or later I will give him a name anyway;; It doesn't matter when; I got this at exactly 1 May '14

Model: Aspire E1-472G
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i5, Nvidia GeForce 820M, 14.0" and the best thing is 1TB storage space!

Its performance is pretty good and because I never have a laptop before, I can't compare. Kuro-san, compare to your lappy, I love senpai even more. Ha! Take your Levi away from me starting from now on!

This my current wallpaper:

Eyeshield 21 is too awesome/hot to handle orz

Not a new story but I also got a phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy Y. It called IPro Sense 5M and the seller guy said it's a brand from Taiwan. Pretty big on my hand but really nice. I can play all the games that I can't when using my old phone so it is damn convenient.

I don't have an outer picture from it but have some inner! (weird term for it ha) the right side is the newer picture for my wallpaper. Ha ha I don't found yet good anime wallpapers for my phone, so I just take whatever from my tumblr dashboard;;

Have you guys heard an apps called Simeji?

It's an app for your keyboard. You can customize your keyboard picture and buttons to whatever you want so your keyboard can be really eye-catching! (well at least for me) Search it in playstore and you should find it. and of course the right side is my current keyboard. Forever Eyeshield 21!

Both of them have some health issues back then but now they are functioning as usual. I really love you guys. Please stay with me forever

Have you guys even thought about how scary stadium are?
Well, all the humans there sharing a mass of same feelings together --Happy
Pressing all other feelings deep in themselves, so that feelings doesn't bother them except happy


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