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Hello :D How is it going?

I want to this post as soon I finish all the anime and now that I am finished watching all the titles, I can write the post, yay! By the way, this is not a recommendation post, (if it so, I will list the plot, character list and so on but not on this post) because that's a hella work to do. Jk, don't take it seriously heheh

I will try not to give any spoilers. But not a total spoiler-free post.

From the left,

1. Clannad : After Story
2. Ano Hana
3. Angel Beats
4. 5 Centimeter per Second

There's a lot of crying, so don't let the smiles fool you. I cried on every single anime that I list above but actually I don't know how soft my heart was, so yeah. Someone said they cried over Ano Hana but other said they didn't so each person are different eh? 

Alright, moving on!

Clannad : After Story

This is the second season of the anime and probably the most interesting season ever. (they have 2 season, 4 ovas and a movie) I skipped a lot of episode on season one because they bored me and I want to reach the second season soon and it worth it~ If I have time, I will re:watch it soon.

The last few episodes is the heart-breaking episode ever and you totally didn't see it coming. And this anime is the saddest among others that I already named. Most of people said this is the saddest and even my friend said her eyes swollen because of too much crying.

And if you are wondering, this anime is about a family, friends and life. The ending is kind of weird? yeah because it's originated from a Visual Novel and that's explained why.

Ano Hana

I managed to survive this anime! You know, I have some problems with girls and I'm easily annoyed with them whether real life or non-real life so watching anime is hard for me because there's so much girls that annoys me (that's why I didn't watch Guilty Crown and SAO yet) (that's rich man coming from a girl that goes to all-girls school) but Menma barely passed. 

The ending is sweet, and happy. I didn't have much to deliberate on this one :D I don't remember much because I watched this anime like last year. But yeah, this anime is fun to watch~

Angel Beats

Yeah, one by one disappeared? Who are not freaked out by that?! But that's for good, at least they move on. The main chara is cool really! But the ending is the sweetest yet the saddest. I love the ending song too, it is so related to the story.

5 Centimeter per Second

A long-distance relationship story and this movie made from Studio Ghibli! Go watch it, it's worth it! I managed to convince a friend to watch this and he said the ending is sad. But he kind of cool with it though, I am the one that raging like heck. heheh

The soundtrack is awesome too, and the graphic is just awesome!

I think there's a lot of anime out there that are sad too, like Guilty Crown, (or so do I heard) but this 4 are the most popular out of them. I do cried for these anime but honestly I cried a bit more for One Piece and Shingeki no Kyojin but like I said, people are different. (or I am just having a weak heart)

For One Piece, the saddest part for me are when Ace died, (like woaaaah) the Straw Hat Pirates got separated, Law's past in the manga, and the Alabasta Arc is kind of sad too. Remember the part that Vivi screamed like mad? "Tatakau yamete kudasai,"

Everyone have a sad past too. Like Sanji's and Nami's.

And have this fellas because I am a jerk. But as sad the reality was, he died so we should accept the truth and just move on with our life. Ace is dead, nothing can be done about it. (said someone that just rampaged on twitter last night about Ace's dead)

and, this is just a hunch but maybe Law's life is on danger. He said he didn't mind if he died if he get to avenge Corazon's death but let's hope the best for him. I didn't want another character on One Piece that I really like die. 

So this is it~ I will probably do a post that focused on my problems with girls next time but just maybe. (Because I thought that case is weird and I want to share and write about it???)

Until next time, 


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December 17, 2014 at 12:38 PM
Blogger Misaki PureBlood said...

the truth is I still didn't watch Clannad even though my friend so many time recommend this anime.. I know its sad, but I feel like I want to watch it someday.. ahahaha XD

but I always watch their AMV :3 so sad TT^TT I even know some spoiler.. ahaha..

The other 3 anime you mention, I really love it :D

Angel Beats really make me cry at the end... uwaaaaa.. dissappear one by one... so hurt.. even its for good.. TT^TT

owh and when you post Ace died body, I'm so sad.. then you mention that Law might be in danger situation.. I feel like.. awww... no... I don't want another 'D' gone TT^TT just like Ace.. I really don't want an ending like that... I already cry while typing this TT^TT

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