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Saturday, June 15 | 1 comments

Finally! A full color artwork... Although its not in full body... At least I tried, minna. This is hell! I hate coloring in digital! Someday I will color even better than this. AHA, I suppose to upload my traditional drawing that I drew last night... I'm too lazy.

Here's the step :

First: Sketch + Outline

Second: Color

Third: Some Highlight.

Is this consider as tutorial? Don't know. I just sharing what I do -_- and yeah, my sister don't approve my highlights. She said err.. somehow it doesn't fit in~

Okay, I will practice more after this!


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June 16, 2013 at 6:27 AM
Blogger Izwani said...

comel. practice lg nnt lama2 mesti lg comel n____n heeee :3

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