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Saturday, July 6 | 0 comments
Assalamulaikum and hello guys!

Woohooo~ First time playing 'visual novel' game~ ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ (My sister addressed it that way, so I just follow) It started when I saw my sister playing other visual novel games so I interested. I told her to download one for me, and she searched for it!

I forever love you, sis! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

I'm on the halfway to finish this game but, my lil sister who played this earlier than me had already told me its ending. Why u so cruel. (/□\*)・゜ Anyway, I will try my best to finish this game and unlock all the CG! If this end with a success, I will tell my sister to download another one!

Searching for what Hikikomori means because my sister always addressed me this way. I'm not so shocked when I read it because I always saw this word on various anime. To tell you the truth somehow I had this personality. Even now, I don't want to go outside. THE SUN OUTSIDE IS TOO BRIGHT. (/.\)

Luckily I have the spirit to go to school. Ganbatte, myself. Read further here.

I am getting busy for the next 3 weeks because of the PMR trial so, there will be no updates!  (^_-)≡★

P/S: I've already watched this anime called AnoHana. Seriously, this anime is so sad... //Canijustcryforeverinmybed.

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