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Saturday, May 10 | 1 comments
My teacher said that there's 3 things to know if the person is suffered from depression or not:

1. Talk by him/herself.
2. Crying suddenly.
3. Worrying to much.

.....and guess what? After I'm hearing this I gasped, shocked and literally want to hide myself in a hole. Am I suffering from a depression or something? It is actually kinda scared to hear this things. Yeah. But I didn't do those things everyday. Of course.

Still a WIP, it's actually dedicated for a friend that sat beside me from January this year, though. She helps me with a lot and various things. She looks really beautiful with her spec. There's not a single day past without me thanking her. oh her birthday is on 19 April. But I am late on wishing her. Ahaa.

And I'm back with practicing digital art now that I have my own laptop. Without tablet, because my sister is using it in Sarawak. Kuro, please be back sooner! I want to do some serious digital art!

Now I am in the middle of mid-year exam. Wish me luck because I am scared of add maths. Add maths, I actually... Kinda like you. ahahaha.

Next time I be here I will put some pictures of my laptop and my new phone~

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May 10, 2014 at 5:19 AM
Blogger Fara_nym (Farahanim) said...

Goodluck in ur mid-year exam.. nice digital art! even it still WIP.
がmばて (^з^)-☆

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