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"Look, Mie! Basketball!"
*hold it* 'Wow, this is kind of big for my hand... I wonder if all basketball players have big hand... It's so good I want to buy it...' *bump it* 'Waaa.... I kind of good in bumping it... But this shop's floor kinda rough... It didn't bounce properly...'
"So, you want to buy it, or no?"
"...Mother, you offering me this...?"
"Where's the counter?"


Meet my Mido-kun!

It happened a month(?) ago, I am so hooked in watching Kuroko no Basuke II and out of blue, I'm asking my mother to buy a basketball for me. (*⌒∇⌒*) Not for serious play, its kinda late for that. Just for bumping, dribble and tricks. It does make me sweat for bit. So it is a wise decision.

I just finished Kuroko no Basuke just a week ago, resuming again after I left it for daysss. People already have an uproar because it already end, but I don't know anything about the ending. Cliffhanger! I know, but don't know what is what. What is spoiler ヘ(。□°)ヘ

I have two seasons CD! Shiawase!  (。-`ω´-)

Watching Kuroko no Basuke will be like:

Mido: What? Just because of that?!!

You have a friend, you are walking together by the lake. Suddenly you both fall in the deep lake. No one was there to save you. You just have each other to save yourselves. But, you just can save just one of you. Who will you save? Yourself, or your friend?

"Of course, I will save my friend!"

This is a matter of death. Saving her means you will die. You always looking forward tomorrow. You have family that are waiting you for you to return home. What will they feel if they know you die because of you saving a friend?

"It's not fair..."

If you ask me, I will choose your doubts. Protagonists like Luffy and Ueki for example, they willing to die just because of their friend. I am not that noble. I can't do like them. In the end, everyone just want to save their own life. 

Because world is selfish.

I don't know when my answer will change. I want them to change. Someday, I don't know when. If you ask me again this question, my answer will differ for this. Just you guys wait. I want to change so bad about my way of thinking.

(Re)watching: Kuroko no Basuke.   Drawing: Still 100 Sakura Costumes.   Writing: Still I am Immortal.   Status: Determined.

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