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Monday, May 26 | 0 comments
Finally, exam is over and now come the holidays! Hooray!

I have a lot to do on this 2 weeks so, might sharing my to-do list! It's really a long list, just bear with it.


I already got two pages of homework. (and there's a leftover that I didn't write in my notes) Teacher give us no mercy even though we just finished the mid-year exam. *sigh*

Need to do some notes for physics and chemistry. Or else I never catch up with a new chapters. Need to work on some add maths and modern maths exercise too!

    Writing List

Oh this, I currently writing in this two love stories (yeah, sorry I am girly) and one mystery. I use a group of my ocs that I created this year in that mystery story, though. I can't wait to finish up their bio.

           I am Immortal. (not a final title, I can't decide)
           The Side Mirror.   

    Watching List

           Eyeshield 21
           Jigoku Shoujo

   Gaming List

          Persona 3: The Journey (replaying because the movie is so awesome!)
          Disgaea: The hour of Darkness

    Reading List

          Fanfiction! (got a lot on my phone)
          Gamer Girl

    Drawing List

Lel, this almost random but I need to work out on some WIP, doing some new watercolor drawings and digital art. Never ending if I list all of them.

Then, what is time anymore.

Just yesterday, Sunday that I refer, I opened up Instagram because I have a lot of photos taken but don't know where to put them. I register at about 9 o'clock but I deleted my account after upload a picture at 11 o'clock.

Why? I also don't know why. Maybe Instagram is too mainstream for me. I will just opened  a new tumblr which I will posting drawings/pictures. Yeah. I will just do that.

About a situation that I talked about in the past post, I put it up on a group at Facebook. I got a lot of interesting answer but I am hooked up on this two answers:

"Die together,"
"Save my friend and he will save me,"

Human is so damn interesting.

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