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Emotional security or Insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way.

or the easiest way to understand,

Uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident.

"Why I am always like this?"

In my observation, female are tend to feel insecure more than male. Is it because male does not have a emotion? Nah, woman often to think further behind those words; not just its surface. Maybe the person who makes you insecure just teasing you but you take it way more seriously.

Insecure often comes from physically or ability. There's so much woman that feels really insecure about their face, body, hair and etc. and there's always a lot of people that are better than you and that's when you feel insecure. But admit it, wherever you go, there's a better person than you.

Ability: the same term applied on this. There's people that smarter, kinder, nicer and really talented. Let's take this for example. You are good in drawing but there's an artist that can draw really good than you, right? 

But hey, most of people didn't notice this. Your ability varies from other right? Maybe he/she is good in drawing but maybe they sucks on P.E or lacks in stamina? Meanwhile you are good at it. Everyone in this world have their own pros and cons. Nobody perfect.

There's someone that called you ugly? But beauty depends on the eyes of the holder. Maybe he/she said you ugly but there's still someone that will called you beautiful. Search for that person, it's a waste of time to mingle with people that only see you from the outer. :)

If you able to overcome this, you will find world is a better place. :)

A serious post for once awhile. I just want to make ME feel a bit better. It not hurts to share what I thought to with people right? I am so done with this issue. I always a worrywart and think everything way too much and I just can't to overcome this.

That's why I hate public places, really.

From now on, I will not upload any picture of me to the social medias without covering my face. It's a rare occasion for me to do that but last 2 weeks, my sister and I went to Animangaki and she upload our pictures with the cosplayers to her FB.

and this friend of mine saw it.

Probably you guys knew where this is leading to. I am so done with this issue. People can say whatever they want but still, please consider their feelings. They are human too just like you.
Beware of your words, if not, maybe one of your words may killed someone. 
Have a nice evening people! I will post a report on Animangaki'14 event next! (give me 74658587 days first)



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