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Friday, September 19 | 0 comments

I have a lots of scenery photos, lazing around my laptop space; but here you go.

I've been into blog reading this days, some of the blogs that I've found their urls long time ago but unable to actually start reading because lack of time. They are just two main blog actually. One of them is about outfit/fashion photos and another one is about life/owner's thoughts.

I won't giving their urls because some of reasons.

They've been blogging quite for long and it's sad to see them unable to update frequently since they have works that needed to prioritize first. I've met one of the them in real life, face to face. Twice. One in this year and 2 years back.

He is actually one of my sister's friends.

I feel like I am digging my own grave by saying that (T^T)

I've found his url just by coincidence and I kept reading the post and it is somehow suck me in his story of life. It is so deeply written I felt touched a bit. I don't know if it just currently 12:36 a.m or his style of writing make me feel that way.

and all the piano arrangements playing in the background. yes.

But judging only from his writing, he is an observant person and really think-deeply about everything. He writes journal at night and make me think "Even I, myself does not have that amount of commitment to write anything..."

Dang, I am so digging his old post.

I don't know how my sister even found this 'deep' man. (Actually, I do know but I am not in a position to reveal out this person identity because if... man, I didn't even want to start thinking about it.)

I don't know the reason why I wrote this post because... I didn't think deeply about the content of this post yet. It's just out-of-impulse post. (Ahh... I didn't expect you to understand this part of me...) But I am kind of spark-ed by his words.

"you are like the mirrorthe reflection of my thoughts, my desireto guide me whenever i feel lostfor i had realized my lack of ambitionshad brought me nowhereafter all these years"

I am rudely copying this from his post and I do feel guilty about it but I am nowhere in the position to ask him because yes, I've found his url by coincidence and I am prefer to be anonymous to him even though he is now aware of my existence. (thanks to onee-chan)

Now, unleash your imaginations, think of your words and share your thoughts with the world.



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