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Hello! We meet again! I already finished my final so I am free right now. (Except that next week I got my experiment test) But totally putting that aside, today I would like to share my thoughts about fan-fiction!

I guess most of the anime fans know what are fan-fictions means, but here some definition about it!

It is actually a fan-made story about some pairings for certain fandom (etc. One Piece like Luffy x [insert a girl’s name here]) And it is not always about romance, it can be any type of genre at all but it takes place at that fandom universe. Or you take the characters from that fandom out at alternate universe (AU like in Earth, Galaxies)

Go read some fan-fictions about any anime that you like. You will understand better.

I guess I can be labelled as a hard core reader because I like to search fan-fictions after I finished any anime title, but mostly I only search for fan-fiction if I somehow didn’t like how the pairings’ relationship ended up or I would like to see any sweet moments between the characters that I shipped but just a faint of romance happened between them in the anime! But, avoid reading any fan-fiction before you finished the anime though, you might get spoilers.

And there are also some fan-fictions that its story about some anime characters having a romance with the author’s OC though. I love reading these type of fan-fictions because like One Piece, I already said that I didn’t shipped anyone right? (and besides you can imagine that OC is actually you and---)

And there’s also some type of fan-fictions that instead of using name, it using ‘you’

 Ex: You walked outside the house and you saw someone have been standing there. “Waiting there in this cold weather? You can catch a cold!” He smirked— 

Sorry for that crappy—

Moving on, some fan-fictions may portray the anime characters differently and this is what being said as OOC (out of character) lel of course, we are not the author of the titles you know, this situation might happened occasionally. BUT the authors should try their best to make the characters are not being OOC. Not being the author of the anime itself doesn’t make you are an exception.

I have a hard time in writing this, trust me.

The main point is actually I just want to complaint about some fan-fictions that I've just read. It is actually unfair for making the characters being totally badass when actually the characters are not but just having the potential of it. Yeah, like being pirates are maybe bad (in real life it against the law, duh) but you don’t have to totally highlight that point.

If I take this recent fan-fiction that I just read, it is about Eustass Kid and some OC. Eustass Kid might looked like totally badass on the anime, being cruel whatsoever but you don’t have to portray him being totally badass like ‘kill everyone’ (I can accept this one) or just like ‘he just want to have some booze and making out with some chicks’ 


I might be over acting or over emotional about this but if we studied the anime/manga, he clearly shows that he doesn’t have any interest on some chicks and actually most of the men in One Piece too (if you can cross out Sanji name lel) so you don’t have to portray him like that, because it actually ached my heart deep inside. Seriously.

Okay, if they write about Sanji, they might portray him like ‘he jumped from one relationship to another, without actually caring with who he making out with—‘ But, Sanji is actually care about them right, about those girls? And he might have a potential being that kind of man, but he is not. You got me? True, the sensei might never elaborate up to this point but it doesn’t mean the fan-fiction authors got a pass-ticket about this. (I never read any Sanji fanfictions so if I am wrong, do correct me)

Maybe, it actually another type of OOC-ness.

This is rather a serious topic to point out but I just want to make myself clear. I really hate my precious favorite characters being violated up to this point and it is really really hurts. That’s why I am quite picky in choosing what fan-fictions to read or what type of genre I want to see. But the world are always like this, you hate this but the others love it? Totally the usual stuff.

Or maybe I am just being totally innocent, because that behavior maybe kind of common??? No. At least not here in Malaysia. That’s why I can’t accept this. If you are having a well-educated religious background, (whatever religions actually) you might understand this. This type of behavior is WRONG. Freely social-ing and having an open s** with random person is WRONG. WRONG until you are being tied with someone.

But let me savor this innocent part of me just a little longer.

Oh and usually the authors wrote this on the introduction ‘don’t like, don’t read’ I guess I am kinda being warned first. lol


(where's the One Piece manga update?!! /crai)

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