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Friday, October 24 | 0 comments

Tomorrow is a new year already for us, muslims eh? How time sure flies. I learnt that wishing 'Happy New Year' on first January is not quite appropriate so I will just post my new year resolutions now. Not that its necessary but I just in the mood to write something.

  • Pass SPM with flying colors
  • Draw, Rest, Sleep, Study more
And the rest are getting personal. So why the heck actually am I writing this? I am in the mood, like I said earlier. Har har

Laugh, laugh while you still can.
Smile, smile like there's nothing wrong.
Cry, cry as much as you like.
There's nothing wrong with man shedding tears.

Judging people.

They said first impressions are the most important thing when you are meeting with new people. I can't agree more, because I usually try to read someone's personality when the first time that I saw them with my own eyes.

But, that first impressions can change later on, when you meet them regularly, the more you have a conversation with them, knowing their attitudes, likes and dislikes, their background stories and so on. At least to me.

But today, I misread someone and it take me aback actually. I didn't expect this person to be that kind of person (lel) and a part in my heart feel hurts, I don't exactly know why, maybe because how often you misread someone to be kind but it actually vice versa. (and it works the other way)

But... What if?

That someone are trying to change right now? and because I found something that he wrote long time ago, my impressions changed but he is trying to fix it right now...? I don't know. That's why people always said don't judge people too quickly, because they might be different from the way they act.

I can't agree more. I am also, an idiot.

Later, have a nice day.


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