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Monday, December 29 | 1 comments

Look what I found of pinterest! Lately I've signing up lots of inspirational website like weheartit and pinterest (signed up like 20 minutes ago...) [31.12.14] Edit: something went wrong and I didn't remember what I typed so just proceed... /crai

But what's good about it are because of I've found a lots of pictures like above and they makes me want to do all of it! This challenge is quite interesting so I'm going to post it on this website. Somehow to make this blog keep running, and to strike for more productive year and less procastination!

But not continuously, (because school days gonna be hectic and I am not allow to open my laptop D:) just on weekend or school holidays. This challenge going to be fun but somehow difficult, I don't hear music that much, just repeating the same songs all over again and anime songs. But yeah, DEAL WITH IT!

I am itching to start this but no, I'm starting this next year :9


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January 14, 2015 at 9:03 AM
Blogger Misaki PureBlood said...

owhhok that's cool.. why not you post this :D hehehe..

anyway you've pinterest.. follow follow :D

I've weheartit but I love pinterest more XD

yups.. don't procastinate your blog like me.. ahahaa..

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