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Saturday, January 31 | 0 comments
And this post is classified as a negative post people, thank you.

One day, a man, and it's a person that really closed to me, asked me.

"Hey Mie, why don't you talk to your classmates?"

Why? Do I really need to say 'hi' to them? I am rather fine this way.

"Really, then I am not going to say anything."

The problem is, we just don't clicked well. So that's why I am always sitting on my desk, doing some work or just read my novels, silently. I am just not a type of person that can go to someone and say 'heeeeeey there'. Well, I actually can do that, with certain type of people really.

It's not like that I hate my classmates. I just hate people. Read that? and with the terms of using 'hate', I just hate them because I don't know them. I decided this long time ago to take care of my heart first, built a wall around me and shield them securely, so nothing can hurt it in anyway possible.

It just that I maybe noticed things that mostly people don't. I just read things that mostly people didn't want to read and watch. I just interpreted it differently from others somehow, so it's inevitable that I have this weird kind of things going on my mind.

Just a head up! That terms of hate really didn't mean any deeper like the meaning itself. I just put it that way, so its easier to understand.

Because of it, I always sit outside the crowd and when they goes 'heyyy ha woo!' and I just there, wishing happiness for themselves. Sometimes I do questioning myself, why don't you just let loose and totally join them? It's never late to try mingle with them.

But it is too late.
I am leaving this school soon.
I will never see them again after this.
so why bother?

So somehow I manage to live this way, talking to certain someone and few people that always helped me with various kind of things. I always talked when its necessary after all. But I appreciate your help, so thank you!

When I talked to my sister about this, she said this to me

Well, everyone is alone anyway. People that stays with you no matter where you are and go, just family.

When she said that, it sparked something in me. 
So it always alright 
to be alone?

But I know this thing. He never leave me alone, even though I strayed from His path.

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