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Sunday, August 25 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

Picture credit to Tumblr.

As you guys know, I am 15 right? So I have an important exam that all Malaysian should know about, PMR. I will stop online until my exam finished. Maybe not facebook though, LOL. My senpai(s) is all there, how could I cannot stalk them? ;<>;

I am full time stalker, muahaha.

Leave that aside, there's also another reason I will be on hiatus. I currently using my sister's laptop to online and one week from now, my sister will be leaving us to further her study at Sarawak. There's no other laptop that I can use so, maybe till she come back, I guess.

If I manage to get all A's in PMR, my mother will buy me one, so pray for me guys! I will miss you guys a lot~ Thanks for the follow, you guys are super amazing. Don't worry, I will be back for good. It's no like everyone care, haizz.

The fastest way to contact me is via Facebook. Just searched for the name 'Mie Lyz Neko' and you should have found. Or simply use my alternate name 'Marimo'. Drop a hai!~ I don't have a twitter so don't waste your effort to search me up there.

I will miss everyone including you, Mae and Skee. You guys are amazing :D

"I am trying to be me. But when I am trying, some people just don't support me at all. What do you guys want? I am not perfect and not a perfectionist."

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