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I found this in my news feed and currently it is 1:31 a.m at here and why not. /I am sorry I don't want to go to sleep yet;;

They make this as a tagging game but I just want to share this awesome titles~

         "List the 15 anime titles that have stayed with you in some way, changed your life, affected how you live, or were just awesome you couldn't forget them. They don't have to be that great super popular series that everyone talks about, not that you cannot include them though."

1. Cardcaptor Sakura

I can't even know how to describe how amazing this series. My first anime that I watched actually. Back from my childhood days. I have a box set of this anime and keep re:watching this until uhhh-- I am not sure if I even get tired of this anime. SyaoranxSakura for the world! 

2. Eyeshield 21

Who doesn't love Hiruma? I am kind of sad for not watching this anime earlier. My sister have this CD and she is a huge fan of this series XD Seriously, this anime affect my mental a little bit after I watched it. Their amazing willpower... is just totally amazing.

3. One Piece

I still can't get over how Luffy treat his nakama because whenever I re:watch this anime again (Yes a whole 600+ episodes marathon) I am touched by Luffy's action (again). This anime is seriously teach me how to treat my awesome friends nicely and more (insertkid-ishactionhere)

4. Shingeki no Kyojin

Their will power to survive... is phenomenal. Not to mention how cute those titans are and how Eren kept saying that he will slaughter them but actually he is the t--- okay, no spoiler. The non-watchers will find me and kill me

5. The Law of Ueki

Trash turns into TREE!! I don't know. Because Ueki can become such a a dumb person. (LOL)

6. Yakitate! Japan

7. Soul Eater

I want to enter their world and become a meister... and my weapon of choice must be Soul! (because Death the Kid can't become a weapon but I don't want to be a weapon... uhhh such dilemma) 

8. Shaman King

I want a spirit that can accompany me whenever I go! (but that will become super scary)

9. Honey and Clover

Love, crush and friendship... College life and how to survive on that. But Mayama and Ayumi story is not acceptable. Aw come on! Pity her a bit will ya

But at least Mayama's boss is a candidate XD

10. Kuroko no Basket

I friggin' bought a basketball but never played with it okay? I kind of play with it just a while but now Mido is stuck forever under my bed. I almost flipped my mouse searching for their wallpaper because all I can see is Generation of Miracles. sheesh

11. Noragami

Dang Yato! Why you no have season 2?! I watch this anime straight for 4-5 hours just to finish 13 episodes in one shot. The CD kind of burned a bit because too long playing. But Yato is awesome! and Yukine just cute.

12. 5 Centimeter per Second

I almost died cry watching this movie because long distance relationship is kind of horrible, eh? They move but only just further away from another. If only the letter didn't flew away... But I think that girl is giving up half way already...

[edited at 20/10/14 because some of the pictures being cut and I forgot to insert another title;;]

13. Bakuman

How can I forgot to insert Bakuman?!! I rewatch the whole 3 seasons almost three times already. After watching this anime, I have this sudden urge to be a really cool/kakoi editor just like Hattori-san. ...and I want to try the G-Pen as well. I want to be a mangaka!

Pheww I almost died writing this;; I'm sure watch lots of anime but mostly I forgot about them or I am too young to remember. It's supposed to be 15, but only this anime that stay in my heart forever/deep enough to leave a scar hah! I am not into mainstream that much (because most of them annoyed me in different ways) but it's okay once in a while;

Some of anime that are sure fantastic but I am not yet finished them or forgot about them : Fruit Basket, Jigoku Shoujo, GTO, D.Gray Man, KHR, Fate/stay Night, Death Note, Saiyuki series, Black Cat, Black Jack and Clannad.

Mostly of this titles are from my childhood days where there are only Animax channel and NTV7. 

In the time of my generation, Sailor Moon days are practically over so I didn't watch that anime. Even though there is newer version... but nope.

oH look at that amount of shounen. Hah!



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