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Monday, October 20 | 2 comments
Hello peeps! How ya doing?

I am currently in my final stage of life exam but I got a week off! Hooray! *throws shirts everywhere* and I have 3 paper left after this holiday and after that I am FREE! I can sense the freedom that approaching to me. Come to papa my dear!

and of course, being a person that I am, seems like I have developed this kind of 'illness' that I-got-a-lots-of-things-to-do-during-exam-seasons. Trust me, it's annoying as heck. like you have a lot of idea and you want to draw it but you can't because you need to study.

Gotta jot this down
  • Skinning for osu! /cries
  • Learn how to beatmap
  • osu! mania 5/6/7 key
  • Finish the 3+2 english novels (they keep piling up without I even notice)
  • Learn how to write fanfic FAST
  • Finish that story-teller drawing
  • Finish my on-going stories
  • Draw that scene from 'Romeo of Hiroshima'
  • Draw my avatar from Cocoppa Play
  • Complete the One Piece episodes that missing from my files
  • Marathon One Piece!
  • Catch up One Piece manga!
  • Reread Bakuman/Eyeshield 21/Shaman King manga
  • Recommend a few manga titles
I got this really strong vibe that I will complete like just 10% of them after my final ended. Because I have this lazy sickness and all I want to do is procrastinating, watch some good anime and tease my sister just to annoy her.

Have to share this because I unable to control my feelings after seeing this and I have to move away from my laptop for a few minutes

/I don't own this. 

I don't ship anyone from One Piece because I thought they are better that way and their nakama-ship are really strong (even Eiichiro Oda-sensei said so) but this made my day feel a whole better. (I really love Trafalgar D. Watel Law!) be my husbando!

Until then, my fella crew!



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October 20, 2014 at 8:03 AM
Blogger Fara_nym (Farahanim) said...

wow! you playy osu? add me! hyoukurona <----

October 22, 2014 at 12:58 PM
Blogger Fara_nym (Farahanim) said...

tagged! http://faranymboboiboy.blogspot.com/2014/10/liebster-award.html

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