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Tuesday, October 21 | 0 comments
/Spoiler alert! You have been warned.

it's currently 5.02 am and here I am, sacrificing my health just to catch up 30++ chapter of One Piece manga but hey, I didn't regret it one bit! At least one of my ToDo list got crossed out!

and thus, I have become an owl tonight

I usually knowing things or events that happened in certain anime/manga not from the show itself but by coincidence (or I just have this super bad habit from reading wiki too much orz;;) and maybe from tumblr or pages from Facebook.

and turned out that my sister telling me that Tora-o might got killed

because of this picture I thought...

and I have suffered a moment of heartbroken and depressed feelings. I've been reading this guy's wiki and there's nothing mentioned about his death or something!? and just to make sure with my own eyes (because if I google-d it, it will be pretty lame, don't you think so?) I decided to catch up all the chapters that I haven't read just yet.

turned out my sister lied! yeahh! what a relieve! I don't know what to do with my life if Law died /crai

the latest chapter taken me aback. I mean, I never thought Mingo and Law have some terrifying past? but I still hate Mingo though, for doing whatever he is doing right now. and for killing someone who was really close with Law back then...

but duuuude I can't really blame Mingo (but still, he don't need to kill his brother! what a jerk!)

and here are some gifs that I really like. I've already reblogged it on my tumblr but knowing me, a person who loves to reblog everything that she found interesting and that post will become further and further below... its safer if I put these here

/I own nothing

Knowing Law or Luffy will clash out with Mingo, I hope Law doesn't got killed by him. like my other sister said "You never know..." but it will be such a shame if another cool and really badass character died. My heart is not ready

Okay, off to bed!



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