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Thursday, October 23 | 1 comments

I-- I have never been tagged b-by someone else before and-- and- this is an overwhelming moment for me. Yeah seriously, both of my hand are shaking like hell right now and my feet goes numb. (hiperbola kata orang)

Okay, back to this business, I've got tagged by Fara. Thanks so much dude gal!

Here are the rules ~
  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with smaller followers but with lots of potential.
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer. Notify your nominee.

And this is her questions and my answers for it ~

   Have you ever feel like 'you' were abandoned?
        Sometimes. But if it means by friends. But abandoned/left out by my family, no. So this is what I thought, everyone feel the same thing, being left out, being abandoned by the group you are in. It's a lie if someone said they never feel alone. After all, the one that truly can understand you, is yourself and Him. So nothing special, everyone feel the same thing! (at least that is what I always think...)

 What do you want? (hountouni want * nak sangat)
      Right now? if it is a item, I want a drawing tablet, full volume of One Piece manga, and also a cool and high quality camera! I also want to be a pirate and be free a motivation for why I am here... why am I studying. (dark stuff, you don't want to know about it lel)

 You already seen my blog right? What do you think of me?
       You are such a cute kouhai. Well I think you are really cool for being the same species as me and thank god, there's a person in my generation that doesn't corrupted (you know, teenagers these days /crai) yet. Keep cool and don't ever be tired being you! (a-hem)

 How did you express your feelings?
      I SCREAM FIRST, SHOUT, AND SIT IN THE CORNER WHILE MUMBLING MY FEELINGS. (it's true;;)  and then I write all of that.

 What do you think if an otaku meet a kpoper and a directioner?
      HELL NO. But I think it will pretty normal if you just having a normal conversation going. But if its about your interest, I rather kill myself walk away because of a certain reason, I can't stand k-pop but if a directioner, okay I guess? BUT STILL NO.

 Do you Love to draw? if you do, why? if you don't then why?
      Awww. I love drawing so much. It helps me being a person that I can't in real life (because, your parents will against the idea of you being a pirate, right?) and it helps killing my time, expressing myself... and others.

 Babies or children ? which one do you most prefer to take care of? Why?
      Babies. Children are so annoying and I can't stand them at all. If they are behaving at their best behavior that I can stand them. I hate a lots of things and noisy/out of control children are one of them. I love my environment being quiet and peaceful, that's why I hate taking care of children.

 Type of song that you like?
      Believe this, I only listen to Japanese songs and some old english song (rebel songs like from Simple Plan, Greenday and so on) mostly anime songs though and a few jpop songs. Oh yeah, from Vocaloid too! They are too awesome! and I also enjoy instrumental, and some classic music. (like Canon)

 Whats on your mind right now? (random. no thinking on this time) Honest please~
      "Why are she being so nice for tagging a nobody like me. /crai silently"
      "Why are Corazon got killed by his own brother. How cruel. I hate Mingo so much."
      "Where's the new One Piece manga update? /crai again"
      "I really like Law. Why I can't marry him."
      "I need to eat."

 If you have 'travel' all of my blog, since when I'm an Otaku? If you don't, what was your expression and thought when the first time you took a look of my blog?
      I didn't notice, but I think its around when I follow you? Maybe a bit earlier? If your old template (purple one) I felt nothing. Like nice, woww (sorry) But if your current template right now, HOLEY--- HITSUGAYA IS EVERYWHERE AMGGG;; SO KAKOI DESU

 What type my blog when the first time you get in.(zaman purple dulu / zaman hijau skang ni). What do you think of my blog. Comment my blog ..Onegai! (please) and be Honest please~
      First time when I follow you back then, its the purple one and I thought it is really cool because you must be a pro in editing/designing your own blog. But I really like the current one because duuuuude it's clearly show that you are an anime lover. Hitsugaya FTW (no actually I didn't watch Bleach. I gave up halfway)

I hope you are not feeling bored because seriously, its really long. but must be boring after all.

I don't have anyone to tag, so no questions.

Until next post,


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October 23, 2014 at 9:10 AM
Blogger Fara_nym (Farahanim) said...

Arigato na~
Everyone said so..(about the different of my purple template and the current one.) The old template hasn't show who am I and the current one i want to be myself and this template appear!(aha!) Maybe the theme will change time by time . First theme is Hitsugaya. Next?...mystery~

Anyway sorry for those typo. (and grammar mistakes too)

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