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I don't remember telling this story to you guys here, I thought I might have posted it but turns out that I sent that post straight to my draft post! Another episode of sad-lyfe-of Mie, she never have much confidence in what she do. TuT

An old story this is, with years of distance from now. With 2 years total of time to make her get over all that stuff. An odd stuff she might say, because it is such a peculiar love story with distance in between them and there's a third person standing there, with her by his side.

To trace this story, we need to go back 5 years from now. When they are all happily studying at the same school with their interesting friends beside them. Such an epic and hectic life they have back then, but then there is this thing called 'growing up' so they have gone to separate ways.

The girl entered an all-girls school while the boy have gone to another school.

They might have separated, but they still keep in touch with a social media as their medium. They talked various things like from games or anime and also their life... It's all beautiful until this girl, felt something and this what people might called 'love.'

She fall in love with the boy.

Being a secretive person she is, she just kept all that sorts of feelings locked in her chest. She want to tell him, but she can't because she don't have courage to do so. She want to let that feeling disappear but she can't because that moment, she felt that she is hopeless.

She pushed and hold to that feeling for 3 whole years. Wow, a persistent person she is and she realized that, it is one of her disadvantage. Without knowing what happened to the boy outside from the chat, she just assumed that he is just doing fine and doesn't interested with other girls.

Wow, what a hope. 

Until one day, she noticed his friends post on his wall with a teasing joke. Ya know, a joke that people used to tease a person using other gender's name? Like you love Luffy, then people started to call you by the name of 'Luffy' just to annoy you, yeah.

Then stuff happen like, the girl find out that boy like a certain someone from his school. She relating with this and that and the truth came out. She even find out who is that girl that the boy have a crush on. The girl literally knew her face and name. What a stalker, lel!

She cried a whole day, yeah 3 years of hoping. What did you expect?

Then she learnt to move on. Even though its kind of hard at first but eventually she moved on. Oh, that boy don't know her feeling. Despite all of this drama. Ha ha.

not mine

But then today, that forgotten and old story revive back from its grave. That girl, that the boy have a crush on enrolled in the girl tuition center. Well, the girl did cursed 'oh my gad' out loud the first that she saw her face. and just like that, a memory and an old story that she want to forgot about, recalled back in her mind.

It will become a hard journey after this. Her presence did disturb that girl mentally. She knew that she need to survive this, move on and become a really tough girl after this.


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March 2, 2015 at 11:21 AM
Blogger Misaki PureBlood said...

Mie, is this your love story?

awwwww.. its so sad.. :'(

I wonder if you tell him your feeling..


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