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Thursday, April 16 | 0 comments
Cheesy title I know! I don't have that much time to sit and draft a blog post anymore. Busy SPM year, busy life. This is totally an excuse, a-hem.  There is no specific subject in this post, so just let me rant here to show you I am pretty much alive;;

So instead of trying to write a gloomy and dark post here, yes because in tumblr I am pretty much depressed already?? Blogging all the weird stuffs and every time my sister log into hers (she followed mine) she yelled because of my depressing reblog spams. Omg life--

So slap all that depressing stuffs awei //

A busy month indeed, I don't feel its quite long after I finished my Ujian Sumatif 1?? But in 3 weeks, I got my Midterm Exam ready. Argh-- and to think that I don't start revising anything either. But with all of those school works, projects but fortunately Sukan Tahunan over already, I didn't have that quite of free time.

and yeep, and there's Facebook, I am quite active and like almost everyday I logged in because of RP stuffs and because of my sister... and there's an rp group that I managed to pass through the intakes, my hands is quite full of it already. 

But my oc is going well there and she already have a team for the mission so I am like "thank. fortunately yis" P/S: Most of the words that I used on the internet are not making any senses so please, don't mind me. I want to make a special post of it... but later or maybe somewhere on June.

....and also high school conflicts. OMG WHO DOESNT LOVE DRAMAS. //please note my sarcasm there. I am somewhere in between, I am not supporting neither one but I am definitely hoping for that drama to finish soon because one of them is making suicide jokes that I don't fond with because she is a friend of mine, ehmergerd.

No, I am not sensitive with the suicide jokes on internet because I am somewhat okay with it even though IT IS WRONG what is wrong with you people?? But I don't want to regret because of not saying anything and if, IF she really did what she said how I am going to live pass that?

and finally, there's a struggle of emotions that I am facing/battling with myself because of myself?? But the blame is on me so I don't have any choice but to work on that because let me tell you this. That feeling is so annoying I want to punch myself at the stomach. Because yes. that thing we called 'falling in love', heck, I don't even need that now.

So my twitter dashboard is annoying now days but... agh love is a blonde, I mean blind.

Pictures credit to weheartit and I own nothing of it!
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