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Saturday, May 23 | 2 comments
Yo! This is might be an another version of this post, I hope you enjoy it as much as I love when I'm typing it. It makes me so happy and I don't even know why.

I should have post this like three weeks ago? But I got distracted with some school/internet stuffs so I hold it back. I also have an issue when I tried to edit the pictures so it consume a lot of time. But enough ranting for now. I'm gonna show you, what is meant by journal-ing, Mie style.

Journal means a daily record of events and business; 
a private journal is usually referred as a diary. 
-Source, Wikipedia.

    It is actually a typical book that you can buy it from the supermarket or stationary sections in various shops. I want to use a hardcover originally but the mini-market under my tuition center doesn't have them so I just bought this one. Not to mention it is $2 cheaper so why not.

    I just cut the wrapping gifts and just slide it into the transparent cover to change it looks. I can change it as many times as I want and it is affordable. Yeah like how inexpensive wrapping gifts right?

    The bookmarks I've added by myself. 

    Some quotes at the back of the book. and the quotes is not mine. I found it on Tumblr *u*

    I made the monthly tabs by myself! I've started this book like in March but what I wrote in March is like so cringe-worthy and I will cry if I read it back so I don't make the tab for March. Starting April I am kinda used to it by now so it is dozen times better.

    Second page of the book. I don't know what to write so I just cut out some patterns paper and paste it. I put some stickers and colors. This book is quite empty though, I haven't even write a warning to paste it at the first page. School is consuming like quarter and half of my life;;

    So, what actually is my journaling style?

    Bleh- I barely even write in this book. What I do is cut out some plastics or memorable trashes and paste it. Not to mention I like collecting receipts on what I have bought a lot- so what to do with them? I paste it in this book.

    Like this one time I have my first crepe yo!

    A Mr. Diy receipt. aha

    Pesta Buku haul.

    and also this one time I am so excited being listed as The Champion in my school and I even motivated to draw something in it. This is might be the best page so far but just because of the drawing. There are some other pages that I also like though.


    Usual stuff man. The pages can't handle watercolor so I don't use it.

    Where I put all my sticky notes, paperclips and other stuffs that I used for decorating this journal. It was my school box but I don't want my things to scatter around so I put it in one place. It is hella easy. I might switch to another box though, depending on my mood.

    My precious tapes! I can't afford washi tape (masking tape) with patterns yet but this babies should be suffice for me. Well they are kinda cute and easy to cut so who am I to complain? euehehehe But more is not enough, I want to search for other patterns! You can find this easily at Mr. Diy and also Daiso.

    Washi tapes but with no patterns!

    Sticky notes! and yep, let say that I have one issue of two because I am so obsessed with this stuffs. I can't hold myself back from buying them! But actually, I just started collecting this year. There are just few items from this picture that I bought it from last year. I overdone it.

    The so-called 'dashboard'

    Well, that is the sum of it. This is the first of my ongoing project on journaling and I might started a new project later this year. It is called by 'Listography' and I am collecting my materials now. I stopped writing diary because bleh-- I am quite fed up of it heh.

    I will try to post more often in this blog regarding my projects. and if you want to share yours too feel free to share it man. I am more than glad to see it.

    I know the updates on this blog is going so slow because of my procrastinating habits but I won't stop blogging dude, I love to write and share my deep and dark thoughts in here. This is one o f my life project too. When I am older and I want to read what is my younger self is doing, I will definitely come back to this blog. Okay-- I might as well do another post regarding this.

    P/S: I think there's a better and more formal term for this kind of journal that I used but I don't recall it? If you know about it, let me know!

    Until then, 


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    May 31, 2015 at 5:12 AM
    Blogger Fara_nym (Farahanim) said...

    I don't expect there's a human in this world is totally SAME as I am. I collect the same things and we got the same things too.(except for the journal, I make an A5 notebook as my journal. Wooo *0* so un-sangka-rable.

    July 26, 2015 at 8:59 AM
    Blogger hazirahanafi said...

    wow this is so interesting. i've spent so much time watching journal videos in youtube and almost all of them used high-end journal book and whatnot so this is quite a good way to not spend so much money on your first try! :)

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