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Wow I'm on a barrel! (Because I am on the roll, you got that pun?)

Looking at other people hard work and end up burning with jealousy because of their success is probably part of me growing up. I have thousand of thought running in my head on what to do to become like them.

I want to be like them too.
I want to succeed in my life too.
I want to have a huge amount of money in my bank too.

Scratch that last part. I am not that materialistic but I still am... what dear self why are you making this so complicated?! But yeah, isn't it a pure bliss in life to succeed in anything that you work so hard to get it? We do it because we love it aren't we?

Shout out to those people that now on the path that they don't like!
You are guys are not a robot! Go do something that you truly like! Trust me if you keep going on on that path, you won't be happy for the rest of your life! Too exaggerating? Well watch yourself later on future.

"But then again... I kind of like it doing it even though my mother is the one that asked me to learn science subjects... and become a doctor..."

That means you like doing it you ****! Don't be so tsundere! Why my language is so harsh today

By the way, here is my plan.


This is for my main career. I am a pure science student now. Some of my classmates don't know yet what they want to become. Just an advice, go figure what you want to do now. You will have more motivation like that. I have applied for matriks and I hope I can enroll to one. (but ofc based on my SPM results... I hope I will be excellent!)

I always love science since I was in Form 3 because of this really super awesome teacher that teach us Science subject that year. She is also the teacher for the Biology class. and I guess... because I don't really fond of maths but I love analyzing... I will pick a science major later in university.

My parents don't have any arguments in this. They said it's okay just be whatever you want but as long it is science. For now I am leaning towards psychology. They are cool af. But I also love medicine but seeing how my Chemistry marks turns out... I am not capable in it, probably. Or I just need to work super hard.


What they call that people who goes to Anime Convention and sells stuffs? Conman? Dude haha if you got my joke. Artist right? But I just... don't deserve that title yet. Haha. In other words, its a business! I draw and then I sell then I got money. /damn mie life is not that easy! /iknoe

To do that, I need to have a stable number of follower on any social medias. Build a large network and make some friends that have experience. I know it is not easy, but who the hell say life is not difficult?! and also... draw and practice a lot. I MEAN A LOT.

My current drawing looks like a crab (again if you got the joke!)

I also need some money to start. After my SPM finish, I will go do part-time job and obtain some cash. (this is not a rpg game ref haha) There's a lot of thing I want to buy and the list is growing longer and longer. //The cons of being an internet user, you are easy to influence by things

A part-time job at a bookstore would be cool.

And an online store! That would be a tad easier than opening a booth. But it is still the same. You have to ship things to their owner at the post office. Life is difficult Mie, who the hell said it easy... Endure... endure.

and that's it. That is why the title of this blog post is 3-5 years. A short but long future plan? At first I want to lengthen it to 5-10 years but I would be married at that time... (oh gad whadda hell you are thinking) so I just.. yeah you understand it.


what the hell you don't know who he is go sit in the corner or something just joking go google it.


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