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Saturday, August 29 | 0 comments
How is life going???

Trust me, more than anything right now I want to write something to keep this blog running until maybe until I reach at that point of my life I decide to quit my internet life. But then again, my internet connection isn't very stable and I have life priorities to do (like my streams of tuition classes and exams urghh)

Hey, that's an half-excuse.

School wise, I am okay but like I have said, I have like STREAMS of classes. and there's just... a few days left until the real SPM examination and I am currently on facing the Trials examination right now. Only Allah knows how worried I am now.

Anime/Manga wise, I am just repeating the old anime titles I have on my hard disc. Like when I am working on Add Math questions or others, I put that on to lessen my gradually increasing stress. But in the end, I am more stressed because I can't finish much work because I am too focused on the anime... It should be vice versa! Good kids don't try this at home!!1

But right now, I am a huge /trash/ on sports animes.

Haikyuu! by Furudate Haruichi

I know Tsukki, you don't have to say it out oud/
      "What's more important 
than pride?!"

Tetsurou is my love of my life but I ended up putting Tsukishima as the main highlight here because of the recent character development of him in the recent chapters of its manga.


Yowamushi Pedal by Watanabe Wataru

Mm, no shit there.


This two titles are sucking me in deeper to sports genre of manga. Because their willpower and motivation is really close like studying. I should make another post of this, the comparison of sports and also studying. and yeah a review!!

I am now reading Diamond no Ace. Let's just sit and watch how my life turns out.

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